iRobot Roomba 615 Vacuum Cleaning Robot ROOMBA615


The Roomba 615 robotic vacuum cleaner from iRobot cleans your floors for you. Enjoy more free time and a spotless home.

Design and Purpose

The physical shape and look of the Roomba 615 has been specifically designed to help it keep your home clean. The round shape allows the Roomba to pivot easily, without knocking anything over, and move back and forth comfortably.

Rubberised edges on this iRobot help prevent any damage to furniture or other items as it trundles around your home.

Measuring only 9.2 cm in height, this little vacuum cleaner can get under most pieces of furniture, for a thorough clean. Eliminate dust traps under your sofa, tables and chairs with ease.

Rotating, long side brushes help the Roomba clean along edges thoroughly, flicking debris towards two, shorter brushes that trap and collect it.

This bagless vacuum cleaner is quick and simple to empty too. Just release the bin compartment, empty it, and pop it back in. It’s likely the only input you’ll have into the vacuuming.

Thorough Cleaning

The Roomba 615 has several key features that ensure it delivers a fantastic clean to all your floor surfaces.

iAdapt Responsive Navigation Technology allows the Roomba to find its way around your room. While the 615’s movements may look random, it’s following complicated algorithms that enable it to thoroughly clean every inch of your carpet.

For particularly messy areas, like your porch or around the back door, the Roomba has a special weapon – Dirt Detection. The 615 detects these areas need a more thorough clean and make repeated passes, back and forth, over the section to ensure every last bit of mess is gathered up.

Extra Benefits

Vacuum cleaning is often a noisy business, but the Roomba is significantly quieter than most cleaners, allowing you to relax in the house even when the 615 is running.

The powerful vacuum and effective brushes make the Roomba perfect for collecting pet hair and dust particles – ideal for pet owners and allergy sufferers alike.

You don’t even need to be present while the 615 cleans. Just push the button and leave it to get on with the job. It automatically adapts to different surface types and detects edges and drop-offs, so you don’t need to worry about accidents around stairs.

If it runs low on charge, the 615 will automatically navigate back to its charging port and dock with it, so it’s fully charged when you next send it out.




Title iRobot Roomba 615 Bagless Robot Vacuum Cleaner – Grey
General Information
Manufacturer iRobot Corp
Brand Name iRobot
Product Line Roomba
Product Model 615
Product Name Roomba 615 Vacuum Cleaning Robot
Product Type Robot Vacuum Cleaner
Technical Information
Dust Collection Bagless
  • Rotating Brush
  • Brush
Application/Usage Home
Floor Type
  • Hard Floor
  • Carpet
  • Wooden Floor
Environmental Conditions
Sound Emission 61 dB
Physical Characteristics
  • Grey
  • Black
Height 9.2 cm
Diameter 34 cm
Weight (Approximate) 3.60 kg
Retailer Information
Stock Type Agency Product
  1. Room by Room Navigation
  2. Furniture Guard
  3. Pet-friendly
  4. Advanced Navigation System
  5. Soft Bumper
  6. Auto Docking/Recharging


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