Vision One-Fi Bagless Upright Vacuum Cleaner VR81OF01



Vision One-Fi is the first ever Wi-Fi connected upright vacuum cleaner from Hoover. Innovative One-Fi technology helps you keep track of your cleaning & sends notifications to your smartphone when it’s time to clean the filters. Vision One-Fi is AAAA rated, with a long 4.5m stretch hose, telescopic handle and a pets turbo brush to leave your home clean and hair free.

Key features
•    Wi-Fi connectivity
•    Removable telescopic handle
•    4.5m full stair cleaning
•    Pets turbo brush
•    ‘AAAA’ rated

Wi-Fi connectivity
Vision One-Fi exchanges data with your smartphone, so that you can monitor usage statistics, receive maintenance alerts and access support. The Hoover Wizard app is free to download from the App Store or Google Play.

AAAA rated
Vision One-Fi achieves the ultimate ‘A’ ratings for dust pickup on hard floors and carpets, assuring you of great performance throughout your home, whilst the ‘A’ for energy efficiency could help save you money on your electricity bills. ‘A’ rated low emissions means at least 99.97% of dust is retained inside the machine, making it a good choice for homes with asthma or allergies.

Full stair cleaning
The long 4.5m stretch hose means you can reach right to the top of a 13 step staircase in one go, with no need to hold or balance the vacuum halfway up the stairs.

Telescopic handle
The metal handle is adjustable to suit users of different heights, and can be removed whenever you want to clean above floors. Also included is a 2-in-1 upholstery tool / dusting brush that will help you to clean all over your home. The tools are stored on the vacuum, so they are always handy when you want to use them.

Pets turbo brush
Ideal for any homes with cats or dogs, this mini turbo brush helps give a deep clean to your carpets, sofas and curtains. Simply attach to the end of the extension tube and the suction causes the bristles to rotate and penetrate deeply into your carpets, releasing any stubborn embedded hairs.

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Energy Rating-A
Performance (Hard Floors)-A
Performance (Carpet)-A
Emissions Rating-A
Dust Collection-Bagless
Motor Power-850 W
Noise level-79 dB
KWh/annum-27 KWh
Dust Separation Method-Filter Based
Filtration-Washable EPA
Colour-Red / Grey
Weight-5.2 kg
Cord Length-8 m
Hose Length-4.5 m
Bag / Bin Capacity-3 ltr
Product Dimensions-107 x 31 x 40 cm
Attachments-2in1 Crevice Tool & Dusting Brush


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